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At Harvest Solar we take a holistic approach to energy including usage analysis with the goal of living comfortably with all the benefits of the modern age. Through the use of technologies like Solar electric, Solar thermal and Wind power, we strive to offer solutions for living in a more sustainable way. It is also more affordable in the long run and hence a great investment. With the 30% federal tax credit for qualifying systems we can offer systems that pay for themselves in 10 years and return over 8% year after year. Let us help you reduce your energy bill. We work with residential and commercial customers, architects, builders and homeowners across the southwest.

We have done years of Energy Audits and take these lessons to provide lasting solutions aimed at reducing energy cost. Employing proven products and a critical path approach we strive to deliver energy systems that harvest the free energy of the Sun and use it to better your life. Come join us in the revolution, the revolution of energy freedom that comes with owning your energy system.

We offer Energy audits to show you how to conserve energy and we offer energy efficient products that do more with less, benefiting you and the environment. Products like energy efficient lighting, energy monitors, the latest in high tech energy efficient appliances to conserve energy and time.

Education: Harvest Solar and Wind Energy is a proud member of the American Solar Energy Society and works to promote awareness of solar and renewable energy locally and nationally.

Contact Harvest Solar Today to arrange for a site analysis to see first-hand how you can reduce your energy bill and produce your own power now and well into the future.

We owe it to our children to leave them a healthy and clean environment.

What better way than to own your own energy system and live softly on the earth

Years from now you will look back and see the wisdom of an investment in Solar Power, it is the origin of all power, lets us it real-time for our energy needs

Go solar today and reap the benefits for years to come. Call us today for a site visit and analysis

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